Las Americas

For a few months over the winter I went and spent some time in Mexico and South America. I feel drawn to Latin America and I’m not sure why, but every so often I have to just go and get my fix.
This time I surfed in Sayulita with good friends, walked my feet off in Mexico City, climbed a the ancient Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacan, became a Mescal connoissuer, ate my body weight in maize and tacos, went to the home of Frieda Khalo, tasted pulqe for the first time, saw peacocks in cages, lost my way amongst millions of people in one of the largest markets in world, became a mole addict, said hello to Jesus in Rio, drank caipirinhas on Ipanema with fellow English, became an Acai addict, and a cacao bean addict, spent Christmas surfing in Paradise, remember those loved and lost, spent an entire week dancing at Universal Parallelo, learnt a few things about human nature, saw the stars breathe, made friends with shadows, had things stolen, survived as a vegan in Buenos Aires, got to know the people of a city with a turbulent past, took my Spanish to the next level, did some drawings, learnt a thing or 2 about economics, and politics, caught a wave in Uruguay, realised what I knew all along I already knew, got violently mugged, twice, practiced forgiveness, understood gratefulness, witnessed resourcefulness, saw the worst and the best of human nature, practiced yoga on a lake of salt, climbed a mountain of seven colours, saw through the eyes of the ancients, surrendered to being, threw flour and danced with mirrored Devils, meditated on flowing water, glimpsed the greatness of human potential, made great friends, said goodbye to great friends, boarded an airplane a little wiser (and poorer) than 4 months before.
Thank you Las Americas, look forward to the next chapter with you.
That’s about it, in a nutshell.
Here are some pics:
IMG_6159 IMG_6086
IMG_5630 IMG_4755 IMG_5554 IMG_5507 IMG_5471 IMG_6140 IMG_5276 IMG_5555 IMG_5111 IMG_5238 IMG_5170 IMG_5258 IMG_5094
IMG_5727 IMG_6167 IMG_6155 IMG_5475 IMG_5378 IMG_5296 IMG_5253 IMG_5219IMG_5172 IMG_4919
IMG_5075 IMG_5073 IMG_5076 IMG_4938 IMG_5009 IMG_4866 IMG_4986 IMG_4879 IMG_6135

IMG_5002 IMG_4948

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