#dailydrawing exhibition pieces

*** #dailydrawing LAST DAY!! ***

Hey beautiful people, well July and August have flown by! I’ll be taking down my my exhibition #dailydrawing tomorrow…. so today is the last day you’ll be able to see it up at Cafe Irie, Newquay, so if you haven’t been already, hurry along now!!

Thank you to everyone who came along to see it, and to those who have bought pieces and prints and to Cafe Irie for being awesome hosts!

There are still a few of the pieces available – all original drawings – so feel free to have a browse through this album to see if there are left that take your fancy! I am in Newquay on Tuesday so if anyone would like to pick up then give me a shout. There are a few prints left and I think I’ll be leaving those at Cafe Irie so if you aren’t able to buy an original, these are just as good!

I’ll be posting or delivering the pieces to all those who have bought them soon, and i’ll be in touch to get postage addresses etc.

Thanks everyone!! Watch this space for more exhibitions to come!

Much peace and love xxx

10356335_804445366254350_6202301029039542938_n 10568804_804445369587683_3732759947847459615_n 10491171_804445439587676_7763694649621521923_n 972152_804445419587678_6469894464854447555_n 10360610_804445456254341_6892215620077953308_n 983738_804445476254339_5434010647857863789_n


10561731_804445546254332_2286835714115655826_n 10487171_804445536254333_5875967534568251341_n 10511181_804445502921003_6806104898454346806_n

10547631_804445589587661_2990827232815059859_n 10438536_804445592920994_6170413059232556364_n 10518991_804445616254325_2408503102265221841_n 10563124_804445666254320_683877424521621620_n 10559784_804445636254323_973648806602945253_n 10505602_804445732920980_8647726334434216350_n 10500383_804445709587649_9193322132388787253_n 10475523_804445819587638_2363829071619477814_n 10576970_804445772920976_3058967898330184951_n 10384756_804445802920973_451477050880527912_n 10373953_804445752920978_6889660335482832797_n 10384676_804445836254303_8600914459911991190_n 10487435_804445862920967_5392882908403934416_n 10435503_804445889587631_8715827528771405958_n 10516776_804445909587629_3886572539004249739_n 10475318_804445932920960_1054828399430752389_n

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